If the desired file is located in another computer, you receive a message about its inaccessibility first make sure you have established with your computer.Make it easy, for example, open the "Explorer" network folder that stores problem file, and press F5.This command updates the information.The computer may think for a long time, iethe mouse pointer will "turn the wheel" wait a few tens of seconds, or immediately displays a message about the unavailability of a network
resource.Both of these features will definitely indicate a lack of connection with the remote computer.To solve the problem, check the network connection and the computer itself that holds the file you want - it may be that he simply turned off.
Trying access to file system folder can also cause messages to their inaccessibility.Most often this occurs when the user account is not sufficient for such an operation - for example, when you try to do something with the other objects, the currently inactive OS.You can remove this obstacle, becoming the "owner" of the desired file (or better - the whole folder) by setting its properties.Begin this process by calling the properties window of the folder - press Win, type in "pairs" in the search results list, click the link "Folder Options."
In the "Advanced Settings" tab "View" uncheck the line "Use Sharing Wizard access ยป and click OK.
click in the "Explorer" the appropriate folder, right-click and select the context menu line "Properties".On the "Security" of the properties window, click "Advanced" to open in a separate window another set of tabs with settings.
On the "Owner", click "Edit" and open another, the last settings window.In the "Change owner to" choose your account and put the check mark from the inscription "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects."
Click the OK button in all three windows open with the settings.After that, access to file system folder to be restored OS.