Tip 1: How to install Japanese language support

beginners to learn the Japanese language and Japanese culture lovers are often faced with the problem of displaying Japanese text on the site - instead of the characters appear unreadable characters.This means that your computer does not support hieroglyphic writing and is not required fonts.
Installing Japanese language made through the operating system.If you have Windows XP, you use the installation disc.Open the Control Panel Windows: Click "Start", select "Settings", "Control Panel".Select the component "Regional and Language Options".Click the "Languages" and check the box next to "Set support East Asian."
When prompted, insert the boot disk in the disk drive.Begin the installation procedure of hieroglyphic writing.When the installation is complete, in the "Regional and Language Options", click "Details".A window with the installed services for languages.Click "Add" and select the input language: Japanese and Japanese keyboard layout.The Japanese language is attached.
If you do not have a boot disk system, or it does not have the desired folder to install the Japanese letters (the name i386lang), use the official site of Microsoft, there downloading the necessary package.By clicking "Install support East Asian", specify the position of the desired folder on your hard drive.Since version systems may differ, the system can not recognize the files you want and will require more time to insert the boot disk.In that case, locate the folder i386lang file called cplexe.ex_ and file xjis.nl_, in the folder i386.Files are automatically downloaded.
To install the East Asian support in Windows 7, just go to the "Control Panel" - "Regional and Language Options" and select the tab "Keyboard Layout".Click "Change keyboards", "Add" and tick "Microsoft IME".Save your changes.
After you install the Japanese language in the language bar will be an additional language, which can be switched in a conventional manner.

Tip 2: How to install the support characters

print text in English, Russian, Ukrainian language - no problem.The keyboard is designed for the job.What to do if you need to display the characters?For some, it becomes a problem.The operating system can be configured so that the characters will be displayed even.
How to install supporting characters
you need
  • - computer;
  • - installation disc Windows;
  • - internet;
  • - Programme Alcohol.
Go through the "Start" in the "Control Panel."Among the icons select "Regional and Language Options".Here, the screen will open a window in which click on the option "Language".Find the tab "Install support for East Asian languages" and click its checkbox.Then go to the tab called "Advanced".There is a list of "Code page conversion tables".Now you can mark the desired language.Tick ​​to select "Apply these settings to the current account ..." and click "Apply".
Again, go to the folder "Regional and Language Options".On the "Languages", click "Details".It should open the "languages ​​and text services", then select the "Settings" tab and click "Add".A list in which get the required parameters.Click "OK".Now you can switch the keyboard layout on the characters.To do this, press the key combination Shift + Ctrl.
can set support characters otherwise.To do this you need to go to "Start" and select "Control Panel."There you will see the icon "Fonts."Open it by clicking the mouse.In this folder, located a variety of fonts from which to select only «Arialuni.ttf» and «msgothic.ttc».Install these fonts on your computer.Restart your PC.Next you can test the operation.If these fonts are missing in your list, download them on the Internet.
If your computer does not have a folder i386lang, which provides support characters , then you need using the Alcohol 120% mount the virtual image with your installation diska.Skachat program from the official website www.alcohol-soft.com .Then remove the folder i386lang of ISO-image on your computer.If the system will ask for the installation disk, simply specify the path to the file.Then proceed with the installation Character , as described in the first method.
Helpful Hint
If the Japanese language does not appear in the Language bar, restart your computer.


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