Tip 1: How to enable the admin menu

Since the version of Vista in the Microsoft Windows operating system revealed a fundamental difference between the accounts of "computer administrator " and " computer administrator."Account administrator is created by default, but "clean" boot, it is hidden and disabled.Find super administrator and enter it in the menu ?
you need
  • - Microsoft Windows version is not lower than Vista
Start Windows for a familiar computing account administrator .
Open the "Administrative Tools" and call up the service menu double-clicking on the icon "Computer Management."
Enter your password computer administrator In the UAC dialog box and click "Continue."
Open snap "Local Users and Groups" and select the folder "Customers".
Note the list of users in the right pane.It contains absolutely all accounts created on the computer.Entries with a red circle and an X disabled.
Call the popup menu right click on the icon administrator and go to "
Uncheck the field "Write off" and press the OK button to confirm your selection.
Restart the computer.
Press the F8 key when the computer and repeat the F8 key when you select the operating system to display the menu safe mode.
Select the first point ("Safe Mode"), and then press Enter to confirm the command.
Wait until the authorization window with two options: "Administrator" and "Other users" and select the method of opening the first variant.Alternativnym menu Administrator is to use a command-line tool.To enable a computer administrator account, follow these steps.
Click "Start" to display the main menu system and type cmd in the search bar.
Press Enter to run the command line utility.
Type the net user administrator / active: Yes in the command line and press Enter to execute the command.Use select No instead of Yes to turn off a computer administrator account.

Tip 2: How to enable an administrator

software developers with Microsoft, taking care of the safe operation of their customers, divided rights and the ability of users in the system.The highest rights of the owner of the account has the "Administrator".It may also be possible to add other participants with access to a computer.
How to enable an administrator
you need
  • - computer with OS of Windows.
If you're running running Windows XP, go to the "Control Panel" and expand the "Accounts".Click the account that are going to assign rights administrator , go to "Changing the type of account."Set the radio to the "Computer administrator" and confirm by pressing the "Change type ...".
There is another way.Using a combination of Win + R, call the startup screen commands.Enter the control userpasswords2.In the accounts, the cursor mark the desired entry and click "Properties."In the tab "Group" turn the switch "Access Level ..." to "Other."Expand the drop-down list and select the group "Administrators".To confirm your selection, click OK.
If your computer is running Windows Home Edition, these actions will need to be made in a secure manner.After turning the system unit, press F8.The boot options menu select the "Safe Mode".Answer "Yes" to the question of the continuation of the work.
When you create versions of Windows Vista and Window 7 developers increased vigilance. full rights of administrator has built-in account "Administrator", and is disabled by default.To enable this, call the Run window combination Win + R and type compmgmt.msc.
In the console, expand the snap "Local Users and Groups."Select group "Users".In the right pane, right-click on the record "Administrator".You drop down menu, select "Properties" and uncheck the box next to "Disable account".
If your computer is running Windows Vista Home Edition, a console window is not available.Call the Run window and type cmd.In the search bar icon will appear this team.Press the right button and select from the dropdown menu "Run as administrator ยป.In komadny prompt, type net user administrator / active: yes.This method is suitable for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Many of the options available to the administrator of the computer can be realized by a computer administrator account.
Helpful Hint
not recommended to leave enabled computer administrator account because of a serious decline in the level of security of your computer.
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