you need
  • - installation disks with Windows and Linux.
Decide which basic tasks you expect to deal with a computer.In many cases, users select Windows is not because of its merits, but because other operating systems simply do not have their software.For example, Gimp for Linux can not always fully replace Photoshop for Windows, this also applies to many other programs.Quality software plays a crucial role choosing the OS, it should be considered.
necessary to know that the operating system Mac OS, created for the computers of Apple, can now be used on conventional computers.In this case we are talking about the operating system Mac OS X. If you like the software for Mac OS, you can install Mac OS X on a regular computer, working with a process
or Intel.When setting may cause various problems with the operation of the equipment, but most of them can be solved.However, Install Mac OS on a regular computer still raises many doubts about its feasibility.Therefore, the choice is usually between Windows and Linux.
Choose from flavors of Linux, if your computer is used primarily for watching movies and photos, listen to music and Internet access.You will be able to solve all the usual tasks for you, at the same time almost completely disappeared from the virus problems.Linux architecture is that viruses can cause any serious damage only in the case of wrong actions of the user - for example, when a permanent job as an administrator.
When selecting the OS certainly aware of the fact that for Windows must pay, and Linux distributions are distributed freely.Also, please note the price of anti-virus for Windows, Microsoft Office package and other fee-based programs.For Linux, you can use the free analogs most popular Windows-based programs.Even if Open Office can not fully replace Microsoft Office, and Gimp is no substitute for professional Photoshop, to solve common household problems such replacement is well suited.
should be aware that many Windows-program can be run from Linux, the application using Wine.With the launch of sophisticated software - for example, Microsoft Office, there may be some difficulties, but often they can be solved.Simple applications typically run quite freely and work perfectly.If you can not do without the software under Windows, test it in Linux.If all goes well, you can safely move to the OS - after you develop it would be impossible to get to go back to Windows.
Always keep in mind that Linux has a completely different ideology than that of Windows.At first the work in Linux may seem inconvenient, but eventually you will find that with Linux, many problems are solved even easier and more convenient than in Windows.It just need to get used to Linux, it is particularly difficult for those who worked for years with Windows.
Try a Linux demo, many distributions provide such an opportunity.You just start the operating system from a CD without installation, this makes it possible to evaluate the appearance of the OS and its basic characteristics.If the operating system you generally like to install it on your computer as a second.You can use for choosing Windows or Linux, which will allow you to compare the advantages and disadvantages of both systems.