computer with an Internet connection and a DVD-drive.

Recording Methods

Record operating system image file format iso or any other format depends on where the file system.If the operating system is available on the disk, you must first make a copy of it, save it to your computer, and then create an image file format iso.Thus with the help of special programs can be carried out immediately saving the contents of CD / DVD-ROM image file in any format.For these purposes it is necessary to use programs such as UltraISO and Nero.The UltraISO is suitable in the case of recording an image file from the operating system disk, and the program Nero - when creating an image-based OS files located on the computer.

OS is on the disk

If the operating system is on the disk, insert the disk into the drive.Open UltraISO.At the t
op is the menu bar select "Tools", click on it.In the drop-down menu select "Create Image CD ...».This opens a small window to set the recording setting.Select the name of the disc, is your drive where the operating system.Then you can include some of the options of reading, such as ignoring the error when reading or using the ISO-filter.These settings can be left unchanged.Next you need to choose the location and name of the image file that will be created after recording, and file format of the future.The default file format ISO.Click on the "Make" and wait for the end of entries.After graduation, go to the folder with the image file and make sure that the record is held true.

OS is on the computer

If the operating system image that you want to do is on the computer, then the procedure of writing files in the image file is not very different from the recording disk media.In this case, you will need to build the operating system files in a common image file.If the data files are stored on your computer as a file in a compressed form, before you start recording, you need to unpack them.Open Nero Express.Select the OS to write files using the provided wire.Click "Next".After that you need to select the location where the files will be stored.Choose to create the image file.Here insert the name of the next file and press "Record".All files in the operating system will be equipped with an image file format ISO.