you need
  • - Internet connection;
  • - phone.
Windows, you can activate through the Internet or by telephone.
to activate over the Internet, click on the label "Activation of the operating system" in the notification area (in the lower right corner in the system tray).If there is no shortcut, open the "Start" menu.Click "All Programs" and move the cursor over the tab "Standard".In the list that appears, select "Tools" and click on "Activate Windows».
activation window opens, click "Yes" and select "Activate your copy of Windows via the Internet."Read the "Privacy Statement activate Windows», then click "Next".
will be prompted to activate the simultaneous recording and copies of Win
dows, answer it in the affirmative.Read a confidentiality agreement and click "Next".In the next window, fill in your contact details in the special form.Fields marked with an asterisk are required.
After entering the necessary data into the form, click "Next".After registration and activation will be reports of successful operations.Your copy of Windows is activated.
If you need to spend only the activation of Windows, without registering a copy of the operating system, in the request for further action, select the appropriate item.Click "Next".There will be installing the Internet connection and check your copy of Windows.After the operation is complete click Ok.
To activate Windows via phone, select the item in the first window of activation.Call the toll-free number listed at the top of the page and tell the operator the code of your operating system.After checking the code, enter the confirmation code issued by the operator, and then click Ok.