The latest versions of Windows - 7 and Vista - the controls to change the appearance of the graphical interface of the system are assembled in one applet "Control Panel", which was called "Personalization".Open the applet via the desktop context menu - click the background image, right-click it to appear on the screen.The desired menu item and named - "Personalize."
To see a list of available images, which with the help of this applet can be just one click away to make a background image, click on the icon labeled "Desktop Background" at the bottom of the applet window.Prior to this list can be reached in a different way -
to open the main menu and type the word "background."Built-in search engine will display a list of references, among which will be necessary - "Change Desktop Background".
to replace the current background image of any picture from the table, select it and then click "Save Changes."If you want to set your own image, absent in this table, then click "Browse", find the folder in which it is stored, and click OK.Then click the icon appears in the list and click "Save Changes."
There is a faster way, which uses the built-in "Explorer" feature.Opening a folder in the file manager with the desired picture file, right-click on the shortcut menu, select "Set as Background image of your desktop."
In most cases the new "Backgrounds" get into your computer from the Internet, and in this case, you can use a similar function built into the browser.It is in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera - right-click on the downloaded tab in Internet Explorer image, a context menu, one of the points which proposes to establish a picture as a background image.In these browsers differ only in the formulation of the desired item - "Make Desktop Background", "How desktop image", "Set as Background."