you need
  • - password administrator account and password, which will be loaded by default.
Click "Start" - the search box right on her enter the control userpasswords2 - and press Enter.A warning «Windows requires your permission to continue" - select "Allow".
window opens «User Accounts."Highlight the name of the user whose account is to be loaded by default - uncheck "Require password and enter a name" - and click "Apply".
window appears «automatic login."Enter a password, confirm it and click OK.
Restart the computer.Window greeting disabled.Now the computer will automatically load
the correct account without revealing the welcome screen and without requiring an additional password to enter.
This method works in Windows Vista and Windows 7. To remove the window greeting on Windows XP, click "Start" - "Control Panel" - "User Accounts" - "Change the wayusers to the system "and uncheck the" Use the Welcome page ».