you need
  • - PC with Windows;
  • - software Nero.
If the amount of information that you want to burn to disc is small, you can use a CD-R.Its volume is only 700 megabytes, but often more is required, moreover, it will cost you less than a DVD-R, which amounts to 4.7 GB.To record data on a CD-ROM not necessarily use the software, you simply select the files you want to record, press the right mouse button, then select "send" icon and click the CD / DVD drive, and then begin recording.
Such a method is not suitable if you need to write to the drive to listen to music on the player.Here you have to arm themselves with special software, for example, Nero.The start menu of the program without difficulty, it is only ne
cessary to note the format of a recordable disc and the required operation, in this case, is "to make an audio CD».A new window opens, in which you will need to select the files and start the recording process.
In the case of large amounts of data using a DVD disc.Without the help of special programs it just does not burn, but Nero or any other program, endowed with the same features again come to your aid.Next, do the same as when recording music, but do not forget to switch the disc's format from CD to DVD.Then choose the option to create a data DVD.There is already familiar to us a window through which we choose the files you want and include a record.After its completion, as in the previous case, the drive will automatically open, offering you the experience already recorded disc.
All of these recording methods are acceptable for Windows XP, but if the operating system installed on your computer - it's Windows 7, it requires a different approach.Insert a blank DVD disk drive and select the files you want to record.Use the same method as that for recording data on a CD, any programs for this purpose are not necessary.A window appears, prompting you to select a method of recording.In the first case, after special formatting the disk can be used as a USB flash drive, easy copying, and deleting files that a normal recording is possible.