you need
  • Edit the file Boot.ini.
In some cases there is just so that when you reinstall the system with the installation disc is not erased the previous version.Thus, in the boot sector you have multiple lines, but work is just one of them.I agree that there is no point every time you start your computer to view a list of systems and selected if it can be avoided.
To do this you need to remember what the account in the list is a working version of the system.You need to edit the system file boot.ini, which is at the root of drive C. By default, the Windows-based platforms off mode to view hidden files.Open any folder in the "Explorer", select the top menu "Tools", then click on the line "Folder Options."
In the window that opens, you
should be interested in the contents of the tab "View".Go to the block "Advanced Settings" and uncheck the item "Hide protected operating system files."In contrast under "Hidden files and folders" highlight "Show ...".To save changes to system settings display, press the "Apply" and "OK."
Now go to the root of the system drive, locate the boot.ini file, and open its properties by right-clicking and selecting from the context menu item of the same name.Then go to the "General" tab and uncheck "Read-only" - it allows you to edit the file and then save.
Make a copy of the file by specifying it another name, for example, boot_copy.ini or boot_1.A copy of the file is created on the "safe side".If you delete the wrong line of this file, boot you could not if they wanted to, and recover files from a backup, the task is feasible.
Now open the original file and delete all the lines in a text editor other than that which was necessary to remember thatbootable.It remains only to save the file, close all applications and used to reboot to see the results of the work.
With a positive course of events during startup screen will not be a download manager, otherwise repeat the operation.