you need
  • - computer;
  • - distribution in Windows XP.
Save all desired data (music, photos, documents, videos, etc.) on a removable drive or on a dedicated hard drive partition, which will not be further formatted.Maybe your drive before it was divided into relevant sectors, and maybe you yourself perform breakdown.In any case, you have to format at least one existing hard drive partitions.
The BIOS settings set as a priority from the start of loading CD / DVD drive to be able to immed
iately after the installation.Save your changes, then restart the computer.You can also click directly on startup, and the Esc key in the window that appears, choose to boot from CD / DVD drive, and then save the changes and restart the system.
Select boot from the optical drive when you turn on by pressing when this system will require.Be sure to follow the installation instructions - follow the format in NTFS and complete the installation to a local drive C. Format NTFS file system is only possible if the volume of your hard drive is more than 32 gigabytes.If the amount is actually smaller in format the Fat 32.
If the installation program encounters a problem of recognition of the hard drive, try changing the position of the SATA Native Mode to Disable.This is done in the BIOS.
If the previous step does not work, try recording on external media controller driver HDD, which can be pre-download computer manufacturer's website.
for subsequent removal of files from a previous operating system with a boot disk with Windows XP, click "System Restore" and run fixboot.Restart the computer.