you need
  • - operating system Windows Seven;
  • - Software Total Commander.
This problem most often occurs in all versions of the browser Opera.To open a recently uploaded file, you must go to the section "Downloads" and double left-click on the file.If you copied to your hard disk file, most likely, the expansion will not rar, as htm or html.To correctly display the contents of the archive is to rename the extension.
To do this, turn on the extension in the settings of the system.Open any Kono "Explorer Windows», and pay attention to the menu bar.If not, press the Alt key on your keyboard.Then open the top menu "Tools" and select "Folder Options" (in older versions of the OS, this item is cal
led "Folder").
In the window that opens, click the mouse on the tab "View".Scroll through the list of options with the mouse wheel until the very end, and deselect "Hide extensions for known file types."Then click "Apply" and "OK" to close the current window.
Navigate to the file to the "wrong" extension, right-click on it and select "Rename" or press F2.Now you can change the extension.It should be noted that this operation is necessary to approach very seriously, becausewrongly delivered the expansion will make the file is completely useless.
final result can be obtained with the help of special programs, such as the file manager Total Commander.Run it on one of the outdoor pane, locate your file and right-click on it.Select "Rename" again or press F2.Change the extension of the file and press Enter.If you do not, the changes will not be saved.Also, the expansion of real change by double-clicking the file header, if withstand a small amount of time.