Every application that is installed in the computer, gets the local operating system in an unfamiliar city - do not know where it stores the necessary resources for its operation.To solve this problem, each OS has a special "help desk."On Windows, this registry - it even when you install the operating system writes that where saved.Then these records adds each new application is installed, adding, "born with a" resources.This guide is written and address of the storage system fonts.You too can learn the exact address, for example, in a variable Fonts branches HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosof
tWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerShell Folders.No usually possible to dispense with the registry - OS Windows fonts are installed in a folder called Fonts in the system directory, which is most commonly called Windows.If the operating system is installed on drive C, the full path to the folder will be the: C: / Windows / Fonts.In computers running any version of MAC OS, for this is a folder with the same name Fonts, but placed in a directory named Library of the root directory.The full path in this case can be written as: / Library / Fonts.And Linux-ass system fonts also called fonts, but hidden in the directory hierarchy at one level deeper - it is placed in a directory share in Folder usr.The full path from the root directory in this family of operating systems is as follows: /usr/share/fonts.Odnako using modern operating system with a graphical interface to install new fonts do not necessarily know, exactly where they should be placed.For example, in Windows 7 or Vista, just click the new file, right-click and in the pop-up context menu, select 'Install', and the rest, including copying a file to a folder of fonts and making information about the new fonts into the system registry, the operating system itself will do.After this, the font will be available in a set of system and application software.