Besides distinguishing mark each section can be your own name, which the manufacturer calls the OS "label."If you want to change his name, you can do it in the Explorer window, run it by double-clicking on the icon "My Computer".Here, each section is presented as a separate virtual disk - click the icon of the desired disk (partition), right-click and select the context menu line "Properties".The top field in the properties window that opens will contain your desired name - edit it, and then click OK.It can be the other way - in the same context menu, select 'Rename' or highlight the disk (partiti
on), and then press f2.The result will be the option of editing, and you can set a new spelling section.Then press enter to save your changes.
If you want to change a character, choose the operating system to refer to any section, then right-click the icon "My Computer" on the desktop or the same item in the main menu OS.In the context menu, select "Manage" in the left pane, click to run the application on line "Disk Management".
After a few seconds the program will display a list in the right pane, and under it, and the scheme of partition on the hard drive of your computer.Right-click the section that interests you.This can be done in the diagram, and the list - the result will be the same.In the context menu, select "Change Drive Letter and Paths" in the window that opens, click on "Edit" and then select one of the letters available in the dropdown list.
Click OK in both open dialog boxes and the window of the "Computer Management" by a close cross or key combination alt + f4.This procedure changes the assigned drive letters section is completed.