When you install Microsoft Windows, starting with version XP, security settings in the system immediately prescribed settings, according to which the system automatically runs checks for all the latest updates.After downloading the update, you must install them before turning off your computer.

When they install the operating system must be authenticated in which inherent in the key will be checked for the license.If the test was not successfully completed the last launch of the system, the next time you turn on your computer instead of installing the update message will appear on the authentication failed.

Have installed a licensed copy of Windows

If the PC user sure that his genuine lic
ense key, and the message of the unsuccessful authentication pops up wrongly, it must call customer support Windows.Contact details are on the official website of Microsoft.Next, you need to call the specified license key, time and place of purchase a licensed copy of Windows, as well as their personal data.

In that case, if the information is true, then the user will be prompted to reinstall the operating system, or will be offered to install another license key, which will be dictated by the operator of the service desk.This situation occurs when system errors occur, or to the original license key third parties have access to the means of malware (viruses, Trojan horses, etc.).
system errors frequently occur due to lack of current antivirus software.Care should be taken regularly update it.

established presence "pirated" copies of Windows

use unlicensed copies of the operating system falls under Article 146, 272 and 273 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.Therefore, if a computer user is the owner of "pirated" versions, it must purchase a license key to Microsoft within 30 days after the message about failed authentication.
license can be distributed on one computer, and on the set.This is often used "pirates" who use stolen volume licenses that are hard to track down in the application.

errors in downloaded updates

not devoid of flaws the upgrades.Often, some of them provoke the appearance of reports a failed authentication.Updates to the Windows operating system packed in a special file whose name begins with two letters - KB.The most common problems occur with Service Pack KB971033.

To remove it, you must go to "Control Panel" in the menu that appears, select the menu "Security".There is a list of all installed updates.Next you need to specify the package KB971033, or those who have provoked system errors and delete.Then restart your computer.