Tip 1: How to set up a local area network Vista and XP

Create your own local network simply.It is much harder to set up its stable work in those cases, when some computers have different operating systems.
you need
  • network hub.
Consider the example of creating and configuring a home network.At your disposal are: hub, two PCs with Windows XP and a computer running Windows Vista (Seven).
course, the goal of this network is the rapid exchange of information between devices, and to establish a synchronous connection to the Internet.
Take the basis of a single computer with a "Vista».Connect the cable to your Internet connection.Create and configure a new connection to the server provider.
Open the properties of the new connection and select puknt "Access."Activate the function is responsible for ensuring public access to this Internet connection.
Connect all computers to the network hub.Naturally, in the case of the first PC to use the optional AC adapter.
Open the LAN settings on the second
or third computer.Go to the Internet Protocol TCP / IP.Enter a string «IP-address» figures changing the last digit of the address by one fill line "Default gateway" and "Preferred Server DNS».
Follow the same LAN Setup on another computer.Naturally, the last digit of the IP-addresses must be specified.
Go to a computer with Windows Vista (Seven).Open the properties of the network connection.Find the item "Internet Protocol TCP / IPv4» (this is very important, because these operating systems still present Protocol v6) and open its properties.Fill in the «IP-address" value
can use other addresses, if for some reason the standard already set another network adapter.The main thing that the default gateway and DNS server settings in the secondary computer matches the address of the first PC.Always make sure that public access to the Internet is provided by your local network.

Tip 2: How to connect a LAN system Vista

With the Internet, you can watch what is happening around the world.You can also connect to other computers in your home or office by organizing a network of local .In Windows Vista, has its own algorithm for this.
How to connect a local area network in Vista
Ask your provider what equipment you will need to connect a LAN.Install all the network adapters.Check out their accompanying instructions.
Create a new connection to the Internet by clicking on the appropriate icon in the "Control Panel."This is necessary in order to ensure that the Internet connection is active and working properly.Open your web browser and try to visit any website.If a page is loaded, the connection is established correctly.
Go to create the connection and change some settings.Change the connection method and choose Ethernet-network, wireless network or HPNA, depending on the instruction provider.
Open "Control Panel" and select "Network and Internet".Go to the "Network Control Center."In the left, click the "Set up a connection or network."Run the section "Configuring a wireless router or access point."Enter the appropriate network parameters (usually the system determines the optimal settings automatically).
Check your network.From the "Start" menu, select "Connections."You should see icons representing the other computers connected to your home network.Click on any of them and try to transfer a file.If you do it, the local network is configured correctly.
Connecting multiple computers together makes them more vulnerable to viruses.If one of them gets the virus is usually transmitted immediately through the network and to other devices.Only connect to the computer that you trust.
Helpful Hint
Internet is not necessary when connecting to a LAN.However, most users prefer to install and, as in this case, the computer becomes universal.

Ethernet networks are suitable as a method of connecting computers in close proximity to each other.Use wireless networks to connect to computers over long distances.


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