Choice desktop themes

To change the desktop theme, you need to find the option Properties - Display.You can use the Control Panel, but it is easier to click the right mouse button anywhere on the desktop and select Properties from the context the window that opens select the tab Themes.In the Themes window you have the ability to choose different themes for Windows.The system allows you to preview the page and assess how it will look.Choose a favorite topic, click Apply.Many sites offer free themes, uploaded by users.Sometimes it can be just a background image, sometimes - complete the theme, with wallpaper, icons, screensavers, and sounds.
Selecting wallpaper

To change the "wallpaper" optio
n you want to open the Properties - Display and select the tab Desk.In the window you will see the full list of available backgrounds.You have the opportunity to preview all backgrounds at the top of the window.Select the picture that you like, click Apply, and then - OK.Type background image depending on its size.There are several ways of arranging "wallpaper": You can stretch the image to the entire desktop, place the center or "tile" they fill the screen.If you want to make additional changes in the Properties window - screen by clicking the Desktop Preferences, you can change the icons.Just select the icon, click Change Icon, and select the one you like.Click OK to accept the change or cancellation in case of refusal to change.
Selecting wallpaper Wallpaper

You can set the screensaver desktop to make it appear when the computer is on but not in use for some time.Go to the Properties menu - Display and select the Screen Saver tab.Select a screen saver from the list in the preview window to vote, how it will look.Using the Browse button, you can see the screen saver in full screen.To return to the Properties window, simply move the mouse.You can also adjust the speed of the object screen.To do this, select Settings and adjust the speed and location of objects.Click OK.You can customize the appearance of screen time.The minimum time after which the screen saver is activated - 1 minute.

Other settings You can also change the color of the windows desktop, font size and color.Select Appearance in the Properties window - screen.Also, Windows allows you to apply special effects, such as dimming effect for menus and tooltips.This can be done in the Effects tab.After the change, click Apply and / or OK.