Open the "Start" menu and click on the list to the right place "Control Panel" once with the left mouse button.Open the settings menu of basic parameters of the system, the computer and its components.
in the available list, locate and click once with the left mouse button on the line of "Mouse".A dialog window "Mouse Properties", which displays the basic settings of the mouse buttons, scroll wheel, kind of pointers, additional equipment and so forth.
In the Mouse Properties window, activate the tab "Signs."It shows the selected circuit design mouse pointer and the viewing area pointers of the scheme under various system events.
Open tab "Pointers" dialog box "Mouse Properties", you can also open the "Start" menu, and type "pointer" in the
search string "Search programs and files".In the search results list, select "Changing the mouse pointer".Properties dialog box appears with the mouse already activated the tab "Signs."
Open list of skins pointer.To do this, left-click once on the line with the name of the currently active scheme at the top of the properties window.
In the list, select your favorite scheme of registration by clicking on a line with her name left mouse button once.In the block "Setup" will appear in the selected scheme applied indexes for different events of the operating system Windows.
After selecting a desired circuit design mouse cursors, click "Apply" and then "OK".