you need
  • - program Default Programs Editor;- Program Tune Up Utilities.
need to replace the icon appears relatively rarely - often in a situation where some new software change the icon of your file.The program can be removed, but the icon is changed.In this case it must be replaced.
Pick the desired icon, if you do not want to use those that exist in the operating system.Create an icon for a folder and place it found the picture.
If you are running Windows XP, open any folder.Find the menu tab "Tools", select "Folder Options."Go to the tab "File Types" and look for an icon in the list of AVI-files.
found Highlight the icon and click "Advanced".In the opened window, click "Change Icon."Now you can change the icon of the existing or s
et your own.In the latter case, click "Browse" button, open the folder with your images and select the file icons.Save your changes by clicking OK.
If you use Windows 7 icons change as simple fail.This can be done only through editing the registry or by using special tools.Edit the registry unless absolutely necessary, it is not necessary, so it is best to use third-party tools - for example, the program Default Programs Editor.
Download and run the Default Programs Editor.Note that for her work wants to install NET Framework 3.5, in the absence of a warning will appear.When the program opens, to replace the icons, select Icon.Replacement is simple and very intuitive - you just need to choose a replaceable and specify a new icon.
help in changing the icons and the program may Tune Up Utilities.With it you can not only change the design of Windows, but also perform a variety of other settings.The program is easy to use, has a Russian version.