you need
  • - any medium of sufficient capacity for storing data;
  • - administrative law.
Create a temporary directory on the media designated for the preservation of data from the disc, which will change the cluster size.Use any convenient file manager or Explorer Windows.
Copy all important data from the disk to be modifying the file system to the backup media.To do this, open the file manager on one of the panels that you just created to a temporary directory, and on the other - selected drive.Select the
folder with important data.Give the command to copy the files.Wait for the copy process.
If no file manager, open the folder, the media, with which you want to copy the data.To do this, double-click on the icon "My Computer", located on the desktop or in the "Start" menu in the window that appears, click on the icon of the desired medium.In the folder, select the folder with the mouse and click on the link "Copy selected items" in the "Tasks for files and folders."In the dialog "Copy Items", locate and select the temporary directory, click "Copy".
Start shell cmd.To do this, click on the "Start" button and select "Run" pop-up menu.In the dialog "Run" in the text field, enter the string "cmd".Click OK.
Check with the help of the team format, select formatting options.In the shell, type:

format /?

Press Enter.Read the text display.Use the scroll bar to scroll the window contents.Select your preferred file system and cluster size allowed for it.
Resize the cluster file system disk by formatting it.Type in the command shell type:

format & lt; drive_name & gt;/ FS: & lt; filesystem & gt;/ A: & lt; razmer_klastera & gt;
as a parameter & lt; drive_name & gt;enter the letter 'formatted drive followed by a colon.Marker & lt; filesystem & gt;replace one of the values: fat, fat32 and ntfs.Instead of & lt; razmer_klastera & gt;enter a number that indicates the future size of the cluster (the possible values ​​were derived in the previous step).So, to create on the D drive NTFS file system with a cluster size of 8192 bytes, enter the command:
format D: / FS: ntfs / A: 8192
Next, press Enter, type the current disk label and then press Enter, type Y and pressEnter again.If you will be prompted for an automatic cut volume again type Y and press Enter.Wait until formatting.
Transfer the data previously stored in the temporary folder to the newly formatted media resized cluster.Repeat steps similar to those described in the second step.
Remove the temporary folder.Take advantage of the File Manager or Explorer.