you need
  • - program files and drivers for the assembly;
  • - program nLite.
Download the appropriate operating system image to the official website of Windows or third-party resources that provide a licensed copy of the operating system.Also put in a separate folder required for inclusion in the assembly of the drivers and software as the installation executable .exe.Then unzip the downloaded image of XP with the help of any archiver program (for example, WinRAR).To do this, right click on the image file and select "Extract to", and then select a folder to accommodate the installation files to the system.
Download and install the utility nLite, which will add software packages stored in the system image.Installa
tion is carried out in accordance with the instructions that appear on the screen after you start the installation file.
Run nLite installed on your computer, using the label, which appeared during the installation process.When you start you will see a window in which you are prompted to select the language.After selecting the "Russian" in the drop-down list, click "Next".
Select the directory where you unzipped is an operating system image, and then click "Next".The list of proposed modification of tasks, select the ones you want to make the process work properly.You can enable or disable the desired options.For example, if you do not have a file on the installation of Service Pack or it is already included in your image, click on the appropriate item for its deactivation.
in accordance with the instructions on the screen, add the directory where the files are stored applications and drivers on your computer.After the procedure, click "Next" and then import the remaining files, adding that you specified in the section selection problems for the program.
In the "Components", select those options system that you would like to remove from the installation of XP.Each of the editable parameters can be deactivated in accordance with the comments, to be provided in front of each item in the right part of the window.After selecting the desired data click again "Next".
in the "Automation" section, select the settings to make the installation process more convenient.Here you can enter your activation key, select the name of the future users and specify the network settings.You can also import the package and other components that are not included in the previous section.Click "Next" and if necessary, make the necessary registry settings and disable services that you do not need.After finishing the settings, click "Yes" to confirm the modified distribution.
After the operation, click on the "Create ISO┬╗, to generate an image on the recording media.Create an assembly in Windows XP is complete and you are ready to install and configure a new system.