Change wallpaper and a work desk.Of course, the most obvious and simple solution is to choose wallpaper'a.However, you can find a lot of options - there are a number of animated wallpapers that react to the movement of the cursor.In addition, it is possible at all to make the desktop volume: for example, the labels will look like squares scattered on the table, and to remove their need to literally "throw" to the trash.Another variation at all turns your "Explorer" in an analog computer game about flying in space: the hard drive acts as a star system, and the files in it are the planets and asteroids.
Change the title sequence.Every time you start your PC, you can boot the image with the logo
of Windows XP, which is really easy to edit.For this there is a program Boot XP, which allows you to choose from several thousand images, since the heroes anime series and ending with pictures of wildlife.
Change mouse.Standard white "arrow" hourglass may have become a kind of a "symbol" OS, but it absolutely is not attached.By installing the program Cursor XP, you can set yourself a lot of new indexes, the range is constantly expanding user community.You will be available as a fairly classic but updated models and exotic, like laser swords from Star Wars or bony hands.
Put original screen saver.Screensavers (screensavers, reflecting your computer from sleep mode), built-in Windows are fairly standard.However, at the link below you will find a large number of fresh and original things.For example, a very useful screen saver "Vedomosti", which displays news headlines and the current time in the form of beautiful hours.
Combine all of the above methods help to customize desktop themes.They both can change cursors, screensavers, exterior windows and sometimes even functional desktop - with all the elements of the "decoration" will complement each other and stick to a single visual style.