Open your web browser and go to the official site of Microsoft.Click the "Downloads", run the "Download Center Microsoft».On the next page, click the "Products" and then select «Windows XP».In the Components list, locate and select DirectX 9.0c (you can do this quickly by using the search bar on top).
Click on the "Download" button.This will open a window with an offer to save the file on your hard drive.Save it in the work table so as to have easy access to it.The total file size is 33.5 MB, with a broadband connection to download it will take a little more than five minutes or less.
Double click on the icon of the file you just downloaded to start installing DirectX 9.0c for Windows XP.Please read the "Terms and conditions of the product."On
ce you agree to them, start downloading and installing this software.Keep clicking "Next" until the only remaining option will remain "Finish" button.This will install the necessary files on your computer.The whole operation takes less than five minutes.
Wait for DirectX 9.0c installation for Windows XP.The installer will start downloading the necessary files over the internet, so make sure you do not cut off the connection to the network.Then begin the process of extracting files.Enter the path to the desired folder on your hard drive in which to install DirectX 9.0c (you can create your own folder with the same name for convenience).Then there are all the necessary files installed.
Restart the computer to complete the installation.Once you accomplish this, DirectX 9.0c will be installed on your system, and you will be able to play any video game, for which you want to run this software equipment.