order to reinstall windows, you will need: a disk or flash drive, the system downloaded from the Internet.Then you need to write down your system in the media that you decide to use.As for the drive and for the stick has a large number of programs that will help burn the image windows.The most popular was the UltraISO which can be used to record the disc and USB-drive. What kind of system to choose XP, 7.8 - up to you, the main thing to suit the characteristics of your computer.Learn the characteristics of the properties can be the My Computer icon.

Record Windows XP on the drive

opened the UltraISO you need to select from the file system image of your hard drive, most of the expansion of umbilical cord supplied in the format .iso.Now select "Save image of the hard disk" for recording an image on a USB flash
drive, and the menu "Burn disc image" to write the image to disk.After the recording is successful, you can start to work with the following key stages of reinstalling windows.

completing pre-deployment training, do not forget to throw the information to other media, otherwise you can lose it, as may be erased when you reinstall not only the C drive, which is usually formatted, but the entire hard drive of your computer. Jobs menu bios boils down to what you need to know the key, which brings up a menu of connected devices.Most often it is Esc, F12, F10.Also, these keys can be seen at the bottom of the screen when you boot your computer.

directly installing Windows XP

Most often, pre demolish Windows 7 or any other system of your computer is not necessary, since the installation program will help to cope with this issue.To do this during the installation you are asked to choose whether to install surface or complete.You need to select "Full" under him will post "for experienced users."Once you have chosen offers a few basic disc format may be among them logic, you need to select the drive that previously included the files of windows.

Once the disk is formatted by using the installer prompts, you can pretty easy to install windows.Once the system is set, you need to install the drivers and programs.

Remember that programs have certain properties and may not be available for a number of reasons, so carefully read the specifications.Note the bit of your system it is possible to look or when installing the system, or in the properties of "My Computer." DriversPack - is one of the top developers themselves provide the driver.DriversPack has paid and free versions. Drivers desirable to establish those that you have provided with your computer, if not available, you can use DriversPack.DriversPack can deliver the necessary programs.