We give an example of setting the paging file on Windows 7 (on all Windows systems is substantially similar configuration).To set up a swap file open the settings window of - "System Properties".Start - & gt;Control Panel - & gt;The system - & gt;Advanced system settings (up to the window system settings can be "accessible" and the other way: simply by right-clicking on the icon "My Computer" and selecting "Properties").
How to install the file
System Properties window, click the "Advanced" tab.On this tab, locate the block "Performance" and click the "Parameters of the".
How to install the file
In the window "Performance Options", click the "Advanced" tab.Locate the unit on the tab "Virtua
l Memory" from the press "Edit".
How to install the file
The window "Virtual Memory," which can be done by entering corresponding values ​​in the proposed fields for each disk in the system.After entering the required values, click on the "Ask" and the system will save the configuration changes after a reboot.
How to install the file