you need
  • OS Windows 7.
Start operating system component called "recovery."This can be done through a "Control Panel» Windows - open the main menu of the operating system and select this option in the right-hand column.In the window pane, click on the link "Data archiving computer" in the "System and Security".Link to launch the desired component is placed on the next page and named "Restore system settings or your computer" - you can use it.
OS This component can be opened in a different way.Press Win and type "on" - that's enough to see the "Control Pane
l" of the search results appeared string "Recovering a computer or reinstall Windows».Click on her arm, and the desired component is displayed.
Click the "Advanced recovery methods."The window system application will be downloaded the next page where the component will offer select one of the options - a system restore using the installation disc or system image.Click on the label "Use a system image you created earlier to recover your computer."
In the next window, the program will offer the user to create a copy of the files on any media other than the system drive.Agreed with the proposal by clicking the "Backup" or click "Skip" if you already have such an archive.List of existing archives will be present in this window if the computer has previously been allowed to back up data.The new backup is not necessary in the case, if the system has been provided with a separate drive and the user data stored on the other.
After the computer restarts to begin the recovery process, after which the program will ask you once again to restart your computer - then click "Restart."