Change the look of Windows XP, the standard means for this roll up all the windows on your desktop, right-click and select "Properties".Open the settings window of the screen.In the first tab "Desktop", you can set the theme of the operating system, it includes the following to customize the appearance of the system: a set of system sounds, wallpaper, desktop icons.Choose a topic from the list and click "Apply".
Set wallpaper to do this, go to the tab "Desktop".Select an image from the existing in this menu, click 'View' to see how the picture will look on the screen.Upload your own picture on your desktop using the "Browse" button.Click it, select the file, click "Open".To set the selected image, click "Apply".
Go to the tab "Screensaver" to change the appearance of the system while the computer is in standby mode.Select the type of screen,
the start time.For each screen, you can choose custom settings, by pressing the appropriate button.For example, there saver "Ticker", which can be displayed on the screen you specify the text, or the current time.
Go to the tab "Windows and buttons" and adjust the interface of Windows, using the theme of windows.Choose the style of the windows and the color scheme, click "Apply".To change the appearance of one of the elements, such as the size of the text in the title bar, click "Advanced" in the image window appears, click on the element you want to edit and set its appearance settings.
Download and install special software for changing the appearance of the system.For example, go to , download the program XPLife.It contains a variety of themes and settings interface operating system also has the ability to reset the changes and return to the standard appearance.Various additional elements for setting up a system interface (themes, wallpapers, icons, setup) download site .