Click "Start" and select "Settings" tab, by clicking the left button of her.You will see the submenu inscription "Control Panel."Select it.
opens the system settings.It can look like a list of small icons for specific transactions or categories of actions with the sound settings screen, or other actions.Select "User Accounts."
new window will appear, which then left-click "User Accounts", this label is on the bottom right.If you have a control panel looks like a list of icons that run through your system, look for the icon of the same name and run it by double-clicking.And in fact, and in another case the same preferences window opens.
Click on the words "Chan
ge the way users log" - this will be the main instrument of influencing the launch of Windows.Open the page on which scroll to "Use the Welcome."Remove it from the box and click the "Application Settings".In most cases, this is enough and a welcome page no longer appears.
Close all windows and restart the computer to test.If done correctly, after the system boots you will immediately see the desktop Windows.
If startup still a window will appear with the requirement to enter a user name and password, then you need to do some more steps.Log in, click "Start" button, select "Run" and type the following line: control userpasswords2, then click "OK" snap .Otkroetsya password management.
Uncheck the inscription "To require user name and password."Confirm the change by clicking "Apply".Settings window will appear auto-join the system.If you have an account password - enter it.If the password was not, leave as is.Click "OK" to save the setting.
In the same window, where they filmed a check, select the tab "Advanced".At the bottom you will see an inscription: "Require users to press Ctr + Alt + DeleteĀ».Make sure that there was a tick.If it is - remove and click "OK".Close all windows and restart the computer.Enjoy a simple and quick start-up system.