Comfortable for the operating system Windows must be configured correctly - in particular, disable login window in system .To do this, open the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "User Accounts (Changing passwords and user accounts on this computer)".Click "Change entry people system ยป.
In the window that opens, put the birds on strings "Use a welcome page" and "Use Fast User Switching."Click "Application Settings".After the reboot you will see the standard welcome screen Windows.If your computer has only one account, the entry will be done automatically.In the event that multiple users have to click the mouse icon desired account.
You can delete unnecessary user accounts, selecting the Control Panel, select "User Accounts (Account Managem
ent)."In the window that opens, select the unwanted entry and click "Delete."The computer will automatically load under the one remaining account (administrator account).
to computer run faster, you can stop some unnecessary services.During installation, the system is automatically configured for different user needs, so many services are included, that the average user will never need.
To turn off unnecessary services, open the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Administrative Tools" - "Services".Open unnecessary services, double-clicking it with the mouse, stop pressing the "Stop" and then select the startup type "Disabled."Confirm changes by clicking OK.
Disconnect Time Service, Remote Registry, Machine Debug Manager (if you are not a programmer), Telnet (if you do not need this communication protocol), wireless settings - if you do not have wireless devices.Turn off the server, if you are not going to give someone access to your files and folders.It will not hurt and disable Security Center, which really does not only protects and prevents its reminders.Full list of services that can be turned off on your version of Windows, you'll find online.