easiest way to learn the identification code of your Windows distribution for the label on the envelope with an optical disc - it is printed with a bar code.Sometimes it is not applied on the envelope, and self-CD or DVD media, and sometimes duplicated both.
Use standard information component of the control panel Windows, if the original installation disk is not at hand.The easiest way to run this component by pressing the keyboard shortcut Win and Pause, but you can use the context menu called by right-clicking on the icon "Computer" on the desktop.In this menu, you must choose the lowest string - "Properties".The same menu pops up a
nd when you right-click on the item "Computer" in the main menu of the operating system.
Scroll down to open the window to see the lower part of the right-field - is located at the bottom of the section titled "Activating Windows».The second line of this section, and you can read the product code.
often installed on computers popular application AIDA64, which collects in convenient blocks scattered in various Windows components information about the hardware and software system.If you have a chance to use it, open the section "Operating System", but it Subpart with exactly the same name.In the right pane, locate the section "License information" and the field «ID product" in it.The code in this field can be copied and used on at its discretion.Line below in this section is placed and the license key to your version of Windows.
downloaded from the manufacturer's application from the company ProduKey Nir Sofer, if you want to learn the code of the operating system, provided that run the operating system itself is not possible.This application can extract the necessary data from the system folder inactive version of Windows, even if it is located on another computer, a local network or on removable media.The program can read the IDs not only Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Office or software Adobe.It is free, requires no installation and has a crack, which can be downloaded from the same page is a link to download the application itself -