If PC users to store a lot of confidential information, it is best to immediately put a password.This method will increase the protection of the security of all data stored on the computer, not only from the eyes of strangers, but also from some malicious software.Without the password, the computer will be available for everybody, so nobody will be able to ensure that important information is stored on a personal computer, do not fall into the wrong hands.Set password in Windows 8 is very easy and simple.

In order to set the password in this version of the operating system, you must move the cursor to the right of the screen, and then an additional menu will appear.It is necessary to click on "Options" (the gear icon).Then open a new menu, which users can change a variety of system settings (go to "Personalization", "Control Panel", getting
information about the computer, turn it off, etc.).

To set or change the password, you need to press "Change PC settings".After you open a window in which the user can also edit a variety of data.When you click on "Members" on the right to open a menu where you can modify user accounts and set a password.To set or change the password, you must click on the inscription "Create a password", which is located in the "Login Options".After clicking on the button "Create a password", a new window opens.Here, the user will have to enter the password itself, repeat it, and a password hint, in the rows and click "Next".

necessary to note one important nuance is that this procedure is only valid for one account, under which the entry was made.If there is a need to set a password to another record, you need to log in as an administrator.To do this, press the keyboard shortcut Win + W, and in the search bar, enter "User Accounts."Then, when you find this button and click on it to open the corresponding window.Then you need to click on the line "Manage another account."Then select the account to which you want to set a password, and repeat the procedure.