reasons for which the computer fails to boot, can be different.First of all, it can be a problem with the "iron" - in this case the computer screen may remain pristine black or report the absence of a signal.Repair system unit is beyond the scope of this article, therefore, consider the situation where on the computer screen with the most common OS Windows XP, a window with the original data, and then the download stops.
To get started, try again to restart your computer, press «Ctrl + Alt + Del» or if this does not help, click «Reset» on the computer system unit.Laptops must press the start button and hold for a few seconds.When the restart, press the F8 key at a frequency of about once every two seconds, it may be a little more often.You should see a box with a se
lection of boot options.Select "Last Known Good Configuration."
In many cases, it is sufficient that the computer will function normally.If not, repeat the previous step and choose "Load in safe mode."If the computer starts, try to establish his normal work through service recovery "Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - System Restore."But for this you must be a previously created restore point.
If no restore points, try again to reboot - after working in safe mode, the computer can be restored.The chances are small, but they are.If that fails, the easiest way not to waste time on the restoration of various computer tools, but simply run out of safe mode to reinstall Windows, you save the data is important to you.When you reinstall the update mode select, it will save all your settings and installed programs.Of course, to reinstall, you must have a boot disk with Windows.
there are situations when your computer will not boot even in safe mode.In this case, you will need to drive to the Live CD - the operating system to be loaded directly from the disk.Restart your computer, choose to boot from the CD-ROM drive - for that many computers need to press F12 at startup in the dialog box to select the desired option.If does not work, you must choose to boot from CD in the BIOS.To enter the BIOS on different computers can use different buttons - Del, F1, F2, Ctrl + Alt + Esc and others.Choosing boot from a CD, do not forget to save your changes - item «Save and Exit Setup».Select it and enter «y», then press «Enter».
booted from the Live CD, you can not save the system, but will get the opportunity to save important data.Then you have to reinstall OS, after the data storage is not so scary.If you have a computer, two or more hard disks to save the data simply install another OS on any available drive.The two operating systems on your computer safely insure you from any surprises.