Support for multiple devices

Android operating system is very inexpensive and can work in different configurations.That is why most world manufacturers equip their devices with this operating system because other software products designed for individual vehicles corresponding to a certain specification.This flexibility of Android is the fact that the system is built on the core of Linux, having an open code that gives unlimited possibilities for developers.

Android can run on devices with a memory capacity of 256 MB.Most new versions of systems require 512 MB of RAM, which is also a small value for modern vehicles. system does not require a high-performance processor and can run on devices equipped with the core 600 MHz.

number of software

Operating system makes it possible to i
nstall applications from the official repository of Google, which provides the world's largest database software.This is due to the fact that each developer may independently write any program for the machine and place it in a store.The possibility also realized due to the openness of the operating system.It should be noted that applications on devices running Android can be installed directly from the phone or tablet, or through a computer by downloading the .apk file and install it on a machine.

support services Google

distinctive feature of Android is its integration with the services Google - Gmail, Hangouts, Voice Search, etc.On Android officially supports Chrome, that allows you to synchronize tabs open in the browser on your phone with a computer browser. For example, you can start browsing with your phone, and if you want to continue to study the information by opening the tab on the same computer without the help of re-search.

system interface

«Android" is fairly simple and intuitive interface.All necessary applications are placed simultaneously on the main screen and menu system, which is caused by pressing the center softkey or the corresponding button on the screen.All settings are located in the section "Settings", and every action is illustrated by comments and tips when you first start the machine.Operating system responds quickly to user and click installs and download the required programs and files at a speed that is not lost to other modern mobile OS.