In contrast to the operating system Windows, which has a very small number of variations, Linux offers a wide range of distribution s.They differ about the same as differ cars one class.On Linux, the user can try a few distribution s and choose the one that he likes.
List distribution s very large, the most popular include: Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, OpenSUSE, Gentoo, ALTLinux, ASPLinux, Mandriva.They all have their strengths and weaknesses, while for new Linux users to the forefront of friendliness.The operating system must be easily and quickly installed on the computer to "see" all the equipment and start working without additional configuration.
One of the most convenient for the beginner s distribution is Ubuntu.Supported by a large community of users, this Linux distribution is easy to install, while working with them does not arise difficult moments for the beginner.In particular, the operating system correctly detects drives, including the file system NTFS.This means that you will have access to all the files that you were working on Windows XP and Windows 7. It can recommend Ubuntu for the first acquaintance with Linux.
Choosing distribution Linux, carefully read the description, see screenshots.Pay attention to what desktops are present in distribution e. Desktop - a graphical shell that defines the appearance of the OS, its menus and frequently used programs.For Linux, the basic graphical shell are Gnome and KDE.Users who work with Windows, more accustomed to the desktop KDE.Compared with Gnome, and it has more options for customization.
With version 11.10 mentioned above distribution Ubuntu instead of Gnome has a new graphical environment Unity.Despite the many interesting solutions, it is very peculiar, and not everyone will like it.Ubuntu variant with the KDE desktop called Kubuntu.One of the advantages of Ubuntu and Kubuntu is that you can try out the operating system running them directly from the installation disk.Sami distribution s available for free download:
apparent advantage of Linux is that the system is open source and can be configured as required by the user.The maximum possible setting for a distribution Gentoo.Its main feature is that the user collects its own distribution , optimized for specific equipment.This provides a performance boost, Gentoo therefore rightly be called the fastest distribution th Linux.But it is difficult for a beginner to learn, therefore, to explore a Linux better to look for other options.
Very good distribution th Linux is OpenSUSE.This OS was developed in Germany, so different true German quality and high reliability.It has a large number of fans around the world.Not less popular distribution Debian.His releases go out very often, but are very stable.
There are Russian distribution s Linux - for example, ASPLinux and ALTLinux.After properly setup they work quite well, the installation process is much like the lottery - someone puts everything works fine, and someone has to "magic" after installation, ensuring the normal operation of the system.Therefore, it is better to opt for a distribution ah, used throughout the world.