Visit the game settings.This you'll need to go to windowed mode.Go to the graphics settings.They scroll "Windowed Mode" or "Show window".If you play games online application to exit full-screen mode to a window, press Esc.If you want to run the application on the contrary in a window in the lower right corner of the application to find the icon with an arrow pointing diagonally in opposite directions.
Press the keyboard shortcut Alt + Enter or Ctrl + Enter, to go to windowed mode when watching video in
a multimedia player.If this key combination to you for some reason it is not the most convenient, you can change it in the settings of the player.Go to "Settings", then "Configuration" and then select "Keyboard".Find feature full-screen mode and change the shortcut to something that suits you, but remember, this combination should not be repeated to others who provoke shutdown or launch other functions of the player.
To go with the ability to control the size of the window, click in the upper right corner of the application button shown in the form of a square.This method is applicable to everyday applications, such as word processors, office software, etc.After this operation, you can adjust the window size.To do this, move your mouse over one corner of the application window.You will see your cursor out of the ordinary transformed into a two-way arrows directed diagonally.
Hold your mouse over the corner of the window and drag it in either direction, depending on whether you want to increase or decrease the size of the window.To keep the size, make them in the application launch.To do this, right-click the shortcut of the application and go to the tab "Window".In the box that appears, set the desired size.