How to choose a screen saver in Windows XP

developers of Windows allow users to choose a screen saver from the final set of animated drawings (the theme of nature, running line, pipeline, etc.) or set it as your own screen saver slide show.

Right-click an empty area of ​​the screen and select "Properties" from the context menu.In the tab "Screensaver" open list "Screensaver" and note any animation.If you want to turn into a screen saver of your own pictures, put them in the folder "My Pictures" on the desktop.Click on "Options" to select the frame rate, image size, video effects, and so allowPreview the result by clicking "Browse".From the list of "Interval", select the duration of the computer is idle, after which the screensaver starts.

slide show, you can use your favo
rite movie pictures.To select them, while watching a video, press Ctrl + PrintScreen.Start editing (Photoshop, Paint or any other), select "New" in the "File" menu and insert it into the editor window image from the clipboard keys Ctrl + V.Save it to a convenient name, such as 1.jpg.Thus creating a collection of video, place them in the "My Pictures" and use the slide show as a screen saver.

the Internet offer many resources for free download a variety of screen savers.If an executable file with the extension * .exe, just click it to start the installation and follow the instructions.If the file extension * .scr, place it in the folder C: \ Windows \ system32, where all screensaver and set in the usual way. Be careful when installing screensavers with foreign resources - disguised as a screen saver, you can get a virus program.

Screensaver can be used to further protect information on your computer.Check the box "Password protection" and exit the screen saver will be possible only after entering the password. If the logon password is assigned, the function "Password protection" in the "Screen Saver" will not be used.

How to choose a screen saver in Windows 7

Call the context menu by right-clicking a blank area of ​​the desktop and select "Personalize."Click on the icon "Screen Saver" in the lower right corner.In the new window, select the appropriate screensaver from the drop down list of "Screen Saver."Tune animation parameters analogous to those described above.

If you have the initial version of Windows 7, the command "Personalization" is not available.Click "Start", go to the Control Panel and check the list on the right select "Registration".Click on the icon "Display" and click on "Change screen saver."