you need
  • - a personal computer;
  • - removable hard disk.
to copy system information applet use the "Backup and Restore Center Windows 7".In the lower left is the desktop "Start" button: click on it and in the search box, type the word "backup", and then press Enter.On the screen appears "Backing up and restoring files."
click on "Set up backup".The system prompts you to select the media on which you intend to back up.If the information is stored on a removable storage device, plug it into your computer and click update.Select a destination backup.
If you want to save the backup on a network share, click on the button "Save the network."Then press "Browse" and select a network drive or a network folder.If necessary, enter your network credentials (user name
and password).
is possible to provide a Windows self-identify critical system and user data, and to back up data.To do this, check the checkbox "Provide a variety of Windows» and click "Next."Check the settings, save them and start the backup data.Windows creates your image, if needed, will be used to restore the system.
If you decide to manually specify files and folders to back up, then check the checkbox "Let me choose," and click "Next."Following this, check the boxes opposite the selectable backup.Recheck the settings, save them and start the backup.