you need
  • Delphi7 program or its other version
base formation occurs automatically, do not need to reinvent.It is only necessary to download the information you need (table, text, images, etc.) that you want to sort.The first thing you need to perform is to run the program itself Delphi.In the File to create a new form, and then in the Object Inspector write the headline "Database" or something else.
Procurement table (database) created separately, and then filled with information.When creating a need to enumerate the fields that you need, indicate their types.When filling the database, each record is created separately.

To start creating the work
piece table, use aid provided in Delphi.In the main menu, select the section Tools, then DatabaseDesktop.Dialog box on top of the form.This is the program to create a blank table.
Now DatabaseDesktop on the File tab, select new, and then click the table.You an invitation to choose the type of the table, that is, based on what database management system you want to create a table.Universal is Paradox7.This type allows you to create an extensive database.
in a new window will appear blank table.Here you need a column to list all the fields, including name, type and size that you need.

When you reopen the table, use the tab File, then Opentable.In the drop box will be the fields that are blanks columns.
to associate with the database table, you need to bring to the Delphi form the necessary components are available on the tabs database management (BDE), there are several.But you have enough of one.It's called Table.Carried it to the form.Then, in the Object Inspector DatabaseName locate and select the name of your table you have created in DatabaseDesktop.
DataAccess tab, click and drag the shape of the component DataSource.Next, in the Object Inspector get Dataset property and select Table1.So you bind the table on your form, and the workpiece, you are done.

To view the base of the tabs on the form drag DataControls DBGrid component and also bind to the table.Then click the Table.In the Object Inspector, change the Active property to True.Your database will be shown in the table.Then run the program and you can start filling the form.