you need
  • - Computer;
  • - program SaveIt.
order to protect the program with a password, you need to install a special application on the computer SaveIt.The program can be found on the Internet.Search version is necessary for your operating system.You should also take into account the bit OS.After downloading SaveIt install on your computer.
Run.You will see a small window.Top right corner is the folder icon.Click the icon left mouse button.You will see a window view.In this window, specify the path to the executable program that you need to password protect.The executable file is usually located in the root directory in which the program is instal
You can also specify the path to start the program icon.To do this, select the shortcut to run the executable file or the left mouse button, and then the bottom of the window, click "Open".After that, the application will be added to the menu.
Next in the window, click the arrow that points to the right.In the next window, enter the correct password.Then click on the arrow pointing to the right.Another window will pop up.It is not necessary to change anything, just follow on again.The window of the program closes.Now it is password protected.
After completing the installation password, you can test the functionality of the program.Try to run the application.Once you do this, there will be a small window in which to enter the password string.Enter it, then click the green arrow that is located to the right of the line password.Only after that the program will start.Thus, it can use only the person who knows the password.You can put it to all necessary applications you want to protect from other users.