you need
  • - a program for viewing images;
  • - editing.
In order to make the picture more with viewing, that is, change the zoom and view details, enough to take advantage of any suitable application.For example, in Windows has built-in image viewer and fax.Or it might be a third-party program such as FastStone Image Viewer.Open the image using any such program and select Tools Zoom.For him, there are standard buttons "+" and "-" (closer and more) with a magnifying glass icon.
If you want to increase the size of the image, use the graphical editor from a simple Paint from a standard Windows programs to more complex - CorelDraw or Adobe Photoshop
.The principle of operation in which the same, may differ only in the menu.
Start editing and open in its own image.To do this, click "File" then click "Open" or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O. In a further window, navigate to the folder where you saved the image file, click on its icon, and when his name is copied into the field "NameFile ", then click" Open ".
Find the Editor menu item "Picture," "Image" or Image, and deploy it to the submenu.Left-click on the item that is the logic is more suitable for your tasks.For example, in Paint it will command "attributes" in Adobe Photoshop - «Resize", a new window opens.Type your new data in the appropriate units of measurement in the fields "Width" and "Height" and click the OK button or "Apply".
Save the file with the new parameters.If you press the 'Save »(Save), the file size of the new image replaces the original image.When you choose "Save as» (Save as) will create a new file.Give it a name and select the directory to save.