you need
  • - computer;
  • - operating system Windows;
  • - new font.
Download the desired font from the Internet.Find it on a dedicated website.Review the settings.If they meet the necessary requirements, click on the button Download.In the window that appears, select "Save As."In the window that opens, select the folder you want to copy a file.Click "Save".
Open the folder where you copied the file.As a rule, the font file is packed in an archival document.In order to remove it from the file, right-click on the icon of the font file.In the window that appears, select "Extract files".In the "Extraction path and options", select the folder and the pa
rameters required for the extraction, or leave the options that are installed by default.Click OK.The file is unzipped.
Click on the folder icon will appear.Opens its contents.Typically, this is several files.Among them, select the file type TTF Image.Click on it right mouse button and from the context menu select 'Copy'.
Click on the "Start" button.Select "Control Panel," "Appearance and Personalization", then "Fonts."In the window that opens on the empty field, right click and select "Paste".The font file is copied.
to copy and add a file, you can use shortcuts.For example, to copy one or more files, select them and press Ctrl C. while the combination to paste the copied files, open the folder in which you want to place and press the key combination Ctrl V.
original directoryfrom which you copied the font file can be deleted from your computer.