you need
  • - PC user skills to perform tasks with the registry.
If after downloading an update you have started to appear notice that your operating system may not be licensed, check its authenticity on the official server of the company Microsoft (http: //
If your application has been checked for authenticity, but the message still appears every time you download the update, please contact support Microsoft.You can also use alternative to this, open the folder Windows, go to the directory system 32.
Find files WgaTray.exe WgaLogon.dll.The first of them is responsible for the appearance of the notice of the authenticity of the operating system.Get rid of it by conventional methods will not work - the prog
ram runs automatically, even have it removed from the list by using the Task Manager.Try several times to rename it after disconnecting the process if it does not help, use the editing the registry.
Run the Windows Registry Editor and delete the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows NT / CurrentVersion / Winlogon / Notify / WgaLogon.Be careful not to mistake a directory, otherwise the operating system will have to be reinstalled.
If your copy of the operating system are not verified for authenticity, exchange it for a licensed copy of Windows, contact at Microsoft.Please note that you must present documents confirming the purchase of counterfeit software, issued for the present, and you should have documents on that Microsoft will be able to find this seller.Then you get a licensed copy of the Windows operating system with a license key.