To change the size of desktop icons in Windows 7, close or minimize all running applications, open folders, and dialog boxes.To minimize all windows at once, press "Close all windows", located to the right of the taskbar Windows.
Right-click on your desktop free from shortcuts, icons, folders and files, widgets and gadgets.A context menu setting the basic parameters of the desktop.
In the context menu, hover over the line "type."You will see a list of optional settings and the type of display icons and desktop gadgets.
In the list that appears, set the label next to the line "Small Icons", clicking the left mouse button once.After this shortcut icons, folders, files and programs that are displayed on the desktop will be small.
To reduce the size of the icons on the taskbar, click the right mouse button once.This opens a context menu parameter settings and taskbar "Start" menu.
In the list that appears, select "Properties" by clicking it once with the left mouse button.A dialog box "Taskbar and Start Menu."In this window, activate the tab "taskbar", by clicking the left mouse button once.
Block "Making the taskbar" open tab check the box next to the line "Use small icons", click on an empty square next to the line once the left mouse button.Then successively press the "Apply" and "OK."The icons are available in the Windows taskbar will be less.
To use small icons in Windows Explorer windows open any directory (folder) that contains the icons of any files, subfolders, applications and shortcuts.
Right-click once on the field of view of an open window, free of icons.This opens a context menu display settings folder.
In the menu hover over the line "View" from the pop sublist and select "Small Icons".After that, the icons displayed in the windows explorer, will be small.