initiates a reboot.This can be done in the usual way - via the main menu on the button "Start".However, if there is need for a safe mode, it is likely that the system is in abnormal mode and the main menu is not available.There is an alternative way that uses the Task Manager Windows - press the key combination CTRL + ALT + Delete, in the Run Manager, expand the section "Shut Down" and click "Restart."
Wait until the saving procedure of parameters operating system shutdown and start using BIOS.After checking the performance of hardware devices and their initiati
on BIOS passes control to the loader main operating system.At this point, you have to press F8.If your computer has multiple operating systems, the default settings make the loader at this point pause for twenty seconds.If there is a pause, it is possible to determine the moment of the inscription, inviting press F8.A reliable a few times to press this button from the moment when the lights will flash NumLock, CapsLock, ScrollLock key.
Select the safe mode option when you boot catches filed signal and displays a menu with more than a dozen points.By RFM includes only three options - "Safe Mode", "Safe Mode with Networking" and "Safe Mode with Command Prompt."To choose among them the right Use the arrow keys (the mouse driver at this stage is not already loaded), and then press Enter.This menu provides options and a refusal to boot in safe mode .For example, if you need a limited mode of operation, to eliminate any malfunction of the operating system, then try to use the first item "Last Known Good Configuration."