you need
  • - computer.
To organize storage files , you first need to organize them.Arrange files and documents folders.Folders can be sorted by date, file type or document.For example, the account placed in one folder to another contract.You define how you prefer to put everything in the system.This is the best approach to solving this problem, so try to take it seriously.
purchased in the store several discs.Place the disc in the drive.When he started, then copy it to a folder.To do this, right-click on the folder.In the next window, select "Copy".Then, through the "My Computer", open the drive.In the task pane, loca
te the command "Record" and click on it.
You can not copy files, and send them to the disk.Also, right-click on the folder or file.In the menu, select "Send".You will see a list where you can send your file.Click on «DWD RW drive E".The files will be sent to the disk.You just need to click "Save".It is also worth noting that the name of the drive can be designated by a different letter, since all computers displayed in different ways.
even easier to organize storage files on a flash drive.To do this, insert it into USB-port.Then, just as in the previous case, send files, folders, or documents by selecting the menu option "removable media."And, more than anything it is not necessary to press.USB flash drive is convenient by the fact that it can save you a lot of information, password protect it from unwanted eyes.It takes up little space, so it can be stored in a drawer.
can purchase an external USB drive, memory that is 250 GB.You will be able to carry him all the information from your computer, as well as do several backups.