you need
  • - computer;
  • - internet;
  • - software Acronis.
Take a boot disk with an integrated program of Acronis Disk Director.This program is a part of almost any system disk.If you do not have this disc, download the image from the Internet and write to optical media.Find on the official website of the manufacturer can install this software on a personal computer, and can be used on recorded media when the computer boots.
Boot the computer with the optical drive.To do this, go to the motherboard's BIOS and set the boot order to the first drive DVD, and only then from the hard drive.Save
your changes and then restart the computer to select the boot disk Acronis Disk Director.To boot using the program, select the appropriate option in the menu and press Enter.
Wait for the start of the program.In the main window, find the section C, and select it.In the left pane of the program among the available operations, select "Increasing the free space" and click on it.Specify the section through which will increase space on the C drive, as well as the value of "the cut" pieces.The program does not allow "cut" more than is available on the sponsor section.Specify the best option.
Start operation by pressing the button with a picture start flag.Give the program time for a given action, and then exit the program by closing its main window.With the help of Acronis Disk Director, you can create new partitions on the hard drive using the free space of other partitions, merge partitions, and copy them.Check with the help of the program to learn about all the operations in detail.