To disable UAC on a computer running Windows Vista, go to Control Panel, click on the icon "User Accounts" and uncheck the box next to the item "Use User Account Control (UAC) ...┬╗Because now the computer is not protected by means of Windows, you should install an antivirus program.
In versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8, it is possible to lower the level of control UAC, without disabling this feature entirely.This computer is protected by an extremely dangerous actions, and users do not have to perform each operation reaffirm their rights.To change the level of control o
r completely disable UAC must be logged on as an administrator.
If your computer is running Windows 7, press Win and type in the search box UAC.Click on "Change User Account Control Settings" and move the slider to the appropriate level of protection.In the lowest position UAC is disabled, in the highest - set maximum protection.To confirm your selection, click OK and restart your computer.
can do otherwise.The control panel in the "View" choose "Small Icons" from the "Category".In the "User Accounts" go to "Changing the control parameters" and proceed as described above.
In Windows 8, press Win + Q, and then type UAC in the search box.Click on the item "Settings" and go to "Change User Account Control settings."Set the necessary level of protection by moving the slider.
For all versions of Windows, there is another way to completely disable UAC.Start the search box (Win + R for Windows Vista, Win 7 for Windows, Win + Q for Windows 8), and then type msconfig.Go to the tab "Tools", then search the list of commands "Disable User Account Control" and click "Run."After restarting the computer will be turned off UAC.