Why does the system hangs

reasons for slow PC boot can be mass, but often they are associated with the operating system software.When you start working with a new computer, it is usually installed for at least programs.Braking load is nothing special.Time passes, and the computer is "cluttered" applications installed by the user.Often the programs are set by default, without understanding in the settings, so together with them shall be established auxiliary utilities, various services are utilized.All of this is one of the reasons hangs at boot time, and session termination.Therefore it is necessary to optimize Windows 7.


During boot of Windows 7 is not only the inclusion of its key modules, but also runs a number of services, and services, which can then be observed in the process.At the start of their leaves considerable percentage of resources.To optimize the system, you can significantly speed up the inclusion of the operating system.

To perform filtering and unload useless, follow these steps.Open the main menu of the "Start" in the search box, type msconfig.Link to application "System Configuration" is displayed in the list, you can click on it with the mouse to launch or just press Enter.After these actions a window with multiple tabs.On the general tab, leave the default settings.

tab "Startup", see what applications are loaded with the inclusion of the operating system.Uncheck those which are not necessarily directly download.These may include those that are rarely used, for example, updates, loaders and other applications that can be run manually as needed.After the changes, click on the "Apply" button.

Click on the icon "Services", and appear in a list all run on a PC service.Below it will mark, that some of the system can not be stopped, but they should not be touched.Put also check "Do not display service Microsoft», in order not to disable the desired service by accident.

Next examine all the remaining list of services that are related mainly to the program.Uncheck those off which will not affect the operation of the system.There is a recommendation for the best time to disconnect a service, and then confirm the changes and make a reboot, then watch if there are any errors after it is turned off.If any, include service back.