Tip 1: How to change the Windows XP Registry

there are users who do not have enough opportunities default settings of the operating system Windows XP.Meanwhile, there is a way to extend the capabilities of the OS settings by editing the system registry .This allows very fine-tune the settings of the operating system according to your needs, add or remove the various features and options to change the interface of Windows XP.
you need
  • computer operating system Windows XP, Internet access, reference Klimov and Chebotarev.
To begin to edit the registry, you must run specific software.Click the left mouse button on the taskbar series "Start" - "All Programs" and go to the tab "Standard".In standard applications, select the tab "Command Prompt" and enter it in Regedit, then press Enter.
window opens.Study it carefully.The window is divided into two halves.In the left-hand side has a standard registry keys (folders), each of which has its own function.To find out what is each section of the registry at the top of the wi
ndow, select the tab "Help".
If you click on the "+" sign next to the registry key, then open additional sections.If you click on one of the subsections in the other side of the window will appear different labels, which are the registry settings.To edit the registry, you will change these figures.
To begin to edit the registry, first select the registry key, and then slice.Then in the right window, select the registry key that you want to edit, and double-click the right mouse button.
Now the question arises.Exactly how to change the registry, you need to remove and which characters need to enter?For complete information about registry settings, marked with the symbol to the documentation of the operating system.If you do not have documentation, download from the Internet handbook Klimov and Chebotarev.It has detailed instructions for each registry setting.You just need to find a reference to your desired option and read the instructions on how to change it.In addition, you can avoid mistakes, because improper editing the registry can disrupt the operating system.

Tip 2: How to edit the registry

Register of Windows - a complex structure, which entered basic information about installed applications, and, of course, the basic processes of the system.Accordingly, the fixing of all the changes, user actions, the intervention of various software applications in the performance of the system and so on.
How to edit the registry
begin editing the registry need to enter it with the following combinations.Click Start, and then click "Run".They recruit regedit, and then click OK.Windows Registry at your disposal.
However, it should be noted immediately that this is a very complex hierarchical structure of the directory.If you are not sure what you want to edit it, or do it on the off-informed advice, do not do it.In order to avoid catastrophic consequences for the system.
more worthwhile way to edit the registry Windows - specific applications.The most suitable program for this purpose, a free program Auslogics Registry Cleaner.The utility automatically cleans unnecessary and unused registry entries.You only need to download from official sources.How, for example, the site developer Auslogics: http://www.auslogics.com/ru/software/registry-cleaner/
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