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  • of Windows.
If your computer is running Microsoft Windows, to run the system application, which is used for the "manual" operations on the files, use the keyboard shortcut Win + E. This is not the only way - you candouble-click on the icon "Computer" on the desktop, select the item with the same name in the main menu of the operating system, click on the pinned to the taskbar icon "Explorer" right-click "Start" button and choose "Open Windows Explorer" or usea dozen other ways.
In the "Explorer", navigate to the folder that stores the original file.For this series, first click with the mouse on the icon of the desired disc, then the icons of all folders in the path to the desired lo
cation of the computer.
After the file name will appear in the right pane of the application, click the copied object, right-click to bring up the context menu.If a copy of the file must be placed on any external media, open the menu section "Send" and then select the desired disc.After this "Explorer" to start the copy operation.
If displacement occurs between the inner disk, the list under "Send" you will not find them.Therefore, the context menu of the line "Copy" - with the help of a file is placed in the clipboard.This can be done with the use of keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C.
the left explorer pane, select the correct drive and navigate to the folder it that as a result of the operation must include a copy of the original file.Right-click the free space on the file name and select the pop-up menu, the string "Paste".This menu item can be replaced by a combination of "hot keys» Ctrl + V. The file manager will start recording a duplicate of the original file in the specified directory of the drive.